Healthcare Project Management

Whether its starting a new service, clinic or unit – We have the best possible combination of experience. At RUN Healthcare we understand that every project needs that extra bit of professional touch to make it a success. We understand the importance of time especially in service-intensive and customer-intensive areas like healthcare delivery where every minute counts to save lives as much as it does to save costs. We take most of your stress off your shoulders by professionally managing your projects to release some precious time for you to concentrate in other areas of your expertise. We always keep you in the loop so you will never be offline to know the progress of the projects.

We are here with you the whole way to turn your concept into reality, every step of it. All the stages are analysed thoroughly and planned to suit your needs. Our design will incorporate the best features from international standards and our service planning will amalgamate the best practices from the leading systems. We will do our best to ensure that you organization is always a step ahead to face the challenges of the market demands.

Here are some of the services that we are able to offer:

Business Analysis, Planning and Clinical Visioning

  • Market and Business Assessment
  • Clinical Services Planning
  • Equipment Planning and Review
  • Manpower Planning
  • Financial Modelling

Service Planning, Design and Commissioning

  • Facility planning – Floor layouts, Departmental Layouts etc.
  • Physical and Functional Designing of service areas
  • Design Process flows and Patient flows
  • Space Programing, Stacking Plans
  • Commissioning of services
  • Post Commissioning support

Project Management and Support

  • Define
  • Design
  • Do
  • Deliver

Clinical & Management Expertise

As healthcare professionals ourselves, we have a very strong and unique blend of skillsets that can cater to the areas across the healthcare settings to maximize the efficiency and productivity. Our core competencies and experience in healthcare places us in a very strong position to render you with reliable and fast inputs for areas where you think you need help to improve and expand. Ranging from Best Interests Assessments, Project Viability Screen, Training Services to Service redesigning, we put our clinical expertise in the best place to enhance the productivity and success rate of your service delivery.

The key advantage that RUN Healthcare brings to any project is ‘ALL SERVICES UNDER ONE ROOF’. We have all the necessary talents that are required to make any hospital/healthcare project world class that reduces the burden of briefing the project ideas to multiple teams and at multiple occasions. Owing to our experience and background we touch upon a variety of clinical areas and management areas as and when required.

We offer services in the following areas:

Mental Health

We are proud to have a network of Best Interest Assessors and Mental Health Assessors who are one of the best in their respective fields and in the work that they carry out. All of our assessment reports have been regarded as highly professional, balanced and excellent. We have extensive experience in the post P Vs Cheshire West case and the repurcussions of the Supreme Court’s judgement on long term care. If you have requirements to carry out DoLS Assessments anywhere in the UK we can get this done for you. Please approach us on

Sexual Health

We have very rich and extensive experience in Sexual health operations, policies and setup. RUN Healthcare’s Project Management professionals have successfully launched a fully automated Sexual Health Screening Clinic in the heart of London at Dean Street, Soho. This is one of the unique settings in the world and we are extremely proud of our contribution in this excellent effort.

Clinical Governance

As a part of NHS’s systematic approach to maintain and improve the quality of patient care, we have rendered our services mainly around Clinical Audit and Risk Management and Incident reporting. Our services have always been rated as high quality and we acknowledge that Evidence based care and Involvement of Patient and Carers are of utmost importance in this process.

IT Solutions and Consulting

For most healthcare organizations today, the difference between survival and true success lies in how information is used. RUN Healthcare brings together a vast knowledge, industry-wide perspective, and years of experience to give its clients the overall effect of being in expert care for all their management information needs. In addition to bringing you bespoke solutions ourselves, we also take pride in providing consulting services for any IT project that you may have. We have extensive experience in implementing electronic medical records, integrating legacy systems and website based IT projects for healthcare.

Our teams have put in the right balance of skills into designing and developing IT solutions to automate the processes in a healthcare setting. Ranging from an Electronic Patient Record which can automate processes in a setting as big as a hospital to a bespoke specialized Referral Management Tool, we are sure to bring you technology at its best application to enable you to magnify the productivity without compromising the very sensitive nature of medical data and its safety.

Our Solutions

CLINIVISTA® – A Clinic/Hospital Information System that can automate all your business processes and maintain information organized and ready for retrieval. An end-to-end integrated solution that will empower you to manage all your tasks in your fingertips (or stylus!)

Now you can access your patients’ medical record all in one place, Organise and manage your clinics, Schedule Appointments, Manage Referrals, Place Requests, Document Observations, Prescribe Medications, Prepare a discharge summary all at just a click of a button!

When it is really critical for you to concentrate on patient care, a reliable software solution can not only automate your workflows, it can help you release those essential minutes (and hours) to effective patient care.

CLINIVISTA has been designed and developed by clinicians who have been healthcare providers themselves and hence realize the importance of ‘CLINICAL’ time in the day-to-day lives of a healthcare practitioner.


  • Single Sign on
  • Role Based Access Control
  • iPhone, iPad, Smartphone compatible
  • User friendly, Simple screens
  • HL7 compliant
  • Legacy systems integration
  • Robust Data Backup
  • Built-In customizable reports
  • Clinical Decision Support
  • Clinical Documentation
  • Integrated Electronic Patient Record

For more information on this product download our information brochure and get in touch with us.

LIBERTEE – Our bespoke, light and very useful tool to receive, prioritize, allocate, follow up and finalize DoLS Authorisations. With in-depth knowledge of the process obtained from experienced professionals, our team has put together a simple, user-friendly tool that will enable you to be on top of the list.


  • Fully Automated workflow – Driven by action points
  • Color codes for easy reference (Green, Amber and Red) to indicate the priority or 
approaching deadlines
  • One click email setup to send communications to BIA, IMCA and MHA
  • Easier follow up – With indicators, checkboxes and notes feature.
  • Auto generated reports for various indicators
  • Smart teamwork – Automatic alerts sent by email to another team member for 
attention in case of absence/off sick.
  • Dashboard – Gives you a quick glance of the day’s statistics and enables you to 
complete tasks that you can access with one click.

Want to know more? Download our information brochure and get in touch with us.

Consulting Services for IT projects

Are you installing new software for your processes, upgrading your existing software or planning to roll out a new online business project idea? We can help you with managing the project professionally and efficiently giving you peace of mind and assurance to complete the project with the same commitment and honesty as you would yourselves.

Our project management professionals have the most striking combination of skillsets – they are healthcare professionals who are very experienced in handling IT projects in healthcare setting – what that gives us is the ability to understand the implications of every single design aspect, every single data item and every single click on the software that gets put on the most important part of the healthcare system – DATA SAFETY. The other advantage of having clinical experience and IT expertise is that we are able to talk to the clinicians and translate their requirements flawlessly to make a IT personnel understand the concept without loosing information which is most commonly what happens in an IT Project run by non clinical professionals.

Whatever is your requirement get in touch and let us talk to you. I am sure we will be a helping hand throughout and we assure you that you wont be disappointed.

Healthcare Workforce

Appropriate staffing plays an important part in the delivery of safe and effective health and care. Safe staffing can be a complex area and has to take account of multiple factors. It must be matched to patients’ needs and is about skill-mix as well as numbers, about other staff as well as nurses, and other settings as well as hospitals. It is the responsibility of health and care providers, which are regulated by system regulators in the four countries of the UK. We are proud to be able to source the best skills for your manpower needs, whether it is doctors, nurse or carers, we will find the right fit for the job profile you have.

Evidence shows that the number of nurses working on hospital wards is linked to patient safety, and that hospital death rates are higher in settings with lower staffing. A study of European hospitals recently published in the Lancet showed that for every additional patient per qualified nurse, there is a seven per cent increased risk of death following common surgery. The department of health argues that staffing levels are best determined locally, on a ward by ward basis, according to patient need, leaving healthcare settings free to innovate with changes in skill mix.

On the other hand, various studies have revealed that staffs at care home are ‘frequently at risk of verbal or physical mistreatment’, ‘stress and burnout’ and providing ‘reactive care’. Currently, like any other registered healthcare provider, care homes must also ensure they have sufficient numbers of suitably qualified staff. With such increased rate in standards being set and vigilance being maintained, it is even more important to ensure the compliance to such standards. It is indeed a task, which is quite tedious and complex. In such circumstances it is good to have people like us to source the best talents to suit your requirements and budget. Please let us know your needs.

Medical Consumables

Managing cost of the daily consumables and keeping the cost minimal in a busy healthcare delivery setting can be complex. Our dedicated team members can work closely to understand your requirements and get you the best choices possible keeping the cost as low as possible without compromising on the quality that you and your clients deserve.

Medical supplies have a significant impact on the quality of patient care and account for a high proportion of healthcare costs. It is in the onus of the healthcare institutions to make informed choices about what to buy in order to meet their needs at the same time avoiding wastage. Despite the availability of wide range of different bands and items to choose from, selecting supplies is often given little attention, leading to the risk of procuring inappropriate items because of technical mismatch, incompatibility etc.

When you have someone like us looking after matching your requirements with the best possible, cost effective and reliable supplies, the risks of wastage or over spending can easily be avoided. We have a wider network of various providers and manufacturers and this means that we create a healthy competition to get you the best deal possible. Please get in touch with us to discuss about your requirements to help us help you.